A few of my random television thoughts on tv pilot ideas in my head:

Life With Lemmy: Stars Lemmy from Motorhead, hangin’ at the Rainbow, rockin’ with Motorhead and spreading the wisdom of Lemmy everywhere. \m/

Preach: Stars Ray Liotta. A dark drama about the world of a minister on the take and his gradual world of transforming his congregation into a cult and a mass mk-ultra experiment. Evil. Shades of Jim Jones.

Alphabet People: Stars Terry O’Quinn & Mira Sorvino. A drama about the shady inner workings of the FBI, CIA etc and the lengths they’re willing to go to keep their black ops private. Mindblowing. A bit uncomfortable.

Murder Inc.: Stars Chazz Palminteri. It’s about the legendary enforcement arm of the mafia commission. Ruthless hitmen.

Hollywood: Stars !?!. It’s a drama about a midwestern kid that goes to Hollywood at the recommendation of his hs drama teacher. He goes on to become the biggest star in Hollywood. American dream, yet tragic at times. Sex, drugs, rock & roll. James Dean-esque story.

Hit Or Miss: Stars !?!. A comedy about a guy that runs a dating site, yet his life sucks in the dating world. One of his employees, who makes up hundreds of fake profiles, has a huge crush on him, yet he can’t fire her because he really wants her hot sister.


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