I’m all for free speech. It’s one of the most important things we have. People should be able to say anything they want, but the key thing is you need to get ready for any fallout. It’s basically up to the person that says it. I think many things and say a lot, but there are many things I keep to myself. I also believe that people are way too sensitive. Fuck…nut up. Relax…try to enjoy life. Why not focus on major things, because if the big things go to hell, the small things people get worked up over don’t mean shit. And all this is from a guy whose been called everything…me.

Decent website: Tabloid Column.

Someone asked me who my favorite comedian is and my answer to that question is it’s tough to pick one. First, most of my favorite comics ever have passed: Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks & Richard Pryor. Now: Frank Caliendo, Jay Mohr, Godfrey, Joel McHale, Jimmy Pardo & Kevin Hart are a few.

Television’s Best & Worst tv finales of all time.

Radio legend, Superjock Larry Lujack has passed away. Certainly one of the great personalities.

Could Entertainment Weekly get any thinner? It’s like a Wal-Mart ad. Sad. They might as well just go all digital. TV Guide too. I like them both, but if they keep shrinking, what’s the point? It’s not healthy, that’s for sure.


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