Music: Yet More Artists To Watch & Listen For

2014 could be very interesting.

I like all genres…rock, pop, urban, alternative, country, hip hop, indie etc. I’ve had a few previous postings about 2014 and one that looked at artists in 2014 and my personal favorites…like Band of Skulls and Temples. I’m a rock (all forms of it) guy at heart. Be sure to check those postings of mine. Ella Eyre for instance should be huge.

Here’s a few more artists that might have a nice 2014. These aren’t necessarily my picks (although I like most), because I’ve posted mine previously. Being someone who has a sense of what could be interesting and I’m just a student of this world. Here ya go… Some will hit all formats and some will carve their spot somewhere. I’ve never been a label, tag kinda guy. To me, great is great, but I put these in sections, only to give you an idea. They are all deserving artists and should go as far and wide as they can, if that is what they want.

Some of these are straight ahead rock, some kinda alterative, some indie, some active rock etc.
Band of Skulls (My personal #1! The real deal)
The Nauts (Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan, Charlie Sexton)
Lonely The Brave

Top 40/CHR Pop
Those that enjoy Top40 radio (Z100, KIIS etc) will most likely get a piece of the following sometime in 2014 and in some cases…already getting attention.
Cash Cash (The next craze for tween girls)
Ella Eyre (The IT Factor)
Say Lou Lou
Sam Smith

R&B/Urban/Soul plus some Rap and Hip Hop
Jean Deaux (Incredible)
Russell Taylor (Amazing soul)
World’s Fair
B.I.C. (Rap at it’s best)

Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars star)

I thought I’d share a few 2014 fresh artists to watch lists:

MTV and VH1 are always putting fresh stuff up, but also…


Indie Shuffle

Oblivious Pop



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