TV Guide’s Top TV Series of All Time


TV Guide has released their Top 60 TV Series of all Time. They have The Sopranos at #1, which I agree with. It’s a fun list to debate.

Here are my personal picks for the Top 13:

1-The Sopranos starring James Gandolfini
The ultimate anti-hero: Tony Soprano. I believe one of the things
that made this so appealing was that we are intrigued by that dark,
powerful underworld and we can at times relate to his love of family,
anxiety of life and stress. We are not like him at all, but in some ways
we are, minus the killing.
2-Seinfeld starring Jerry & company
Great characters in funny situations in life.

3-All In The Family starring Carroll O’Connor
So politically incorrect. Funny. It made you think.
You could never get away with it now.

4-24 starring Kiefer Suterland
Jack Bauer saving America. It works. It shows good people do
bad things, yet sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

5-Sons of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam
Kurt Sutter does Shakespeare like nobody.
Every season SOA blows my mind.

6-Home Improvement starring Tim Allen
It always made me laugh. It’s the perfect family sitcom.

7-Boardwalk Empire starring Steve Buscemi
  Any mob tale about corruption, power, greed etc. and I’m there.

8-Cosby Show starring Bill Cosby
One of pop culture’s defining things of the 80’s.
Bill Cosby is a master at timing, inflection, storytelling and sweaters.

9-Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston
Wow! Desperation can make people do many things.

10-Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer
Smart. It always made me laugh. I actually liked it more than Cheers.

11-I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball
Lucy knew comedy. That woman had a freakin’ gift.

12-Murder One starring Daniel Benzali
Now this was a brief drama for ABC in 1995. Incredible. Amazing.
Mary McCormack, Stanley Tucci & Jason Gedrick were also in
the cast.

13-Everybody Loves Raymond starring Ray Romano
  I still laugh at this often on TV Land. They are all funny.



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