Radio Wishes


I discuss radio once in a while, not because it’s something I once did, but mostly because I’m a fan, #1. I’m very passionate because I CARE about it. Much like television, radio sometimes destructs in certain areas due to wounds which are self-inflicted and then so much time is spent wondering wtf happened and what’s next? Well, looking at themselves would help.

While some things are possible, many are just not possible.

A few of my random thoughts, hopes, dreams & radio wishes for radio:

#1 Be real, fun, honest, funny, engaging, evoke emotion and just be entertaining. Always.

Hoping management figures out how to handle money properly.

I’m all about what is now and the future. Get on everything…app, device, anything. Social media is important…making it grow. Basically, becoming your own media empire via the web…tv, radio, music, movies…pics, audio, video…etc. It ALL matters, but along with that, is what is at the core and it is the entertainment element…all the content via the radio and when I say radio…it’s still radio regardless of the device it’s playing on. It should always be most important.

Podcasts are important. Basically everyone should create special ones devoted to subjects the personalities enjoy, in addition to greatest hit type best of podcast clips. It could bring in more people to the avenue of their regular show. Do one on music…one on movies…one on television etc. Podcast subjects are endless: Sex, Money, Family etc.
It’s another way people can get to know the personalities better…more time etc.

Personalties: Preparation, Concentration, Moderation and to make it happen…Motivation.

Become an uber entertainment/pop culture maniac. Watch, listen, read everything…TV, music, movies, books, popular sites, other radio.
Most of all live your life. Share your life. Express yourself. Relate to the people. Evoke emotion…make ’em smile, laugh, be happy, sad, angry etc. When people zig…you zag. Be different. There’s too much sameness. Howard Stern didn’t become Howard by doing the same shit.

Lifestyle Chatter: Sex, Relationships, Kids, Jobs, Money etc.
Being REAL…not fake. Talking about life. Make it interesting. Entertaining.

News & Sports: If you go here, have an opinion. People on the fence aren’t remembered, but people with either big hearts or big balls are. Be fearless. Have a take and …. NEVER apologize EVER. E V E R. Once you do that, you’re now someone without a heart or balls. Pressure will always happen. Never waver. Haters are much louder than the lovers of your art and those people freak management out. Fuck ’em!


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