It’s My Life: Christmas, Advice & Life

Merry Christmas to you & yours. I’m blessed to have a great family. I miss Dad a lot. Mom is doing alright. Strength. I have the greatest kids ever. They make me so proud…happy. I love them so much. My brother is a great bro. I hope you have a happy holiday.

Be nice to people, but never be a mat. Those that wanna serve, need to eat it too. I’m friendly to everyone, but can be a huge dick to those that need it.

I’m not really into resolutions, but have a few that I will share via a post soon.

Assumptions mess with peoples minds…the minds of those assuming. I wish people wouldn’t assume, but they will always assume. I do it sometimes too. Usually, it’s not accurate or not what it seems exactly.

I’ve got some predictions for 2014 and I will spread ’em all over a post soon.

Life is yours. You fill in the blanks. It depends upon you.


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