2014 Predictions

A few of my 2014 Predictions:

Matt Groening (The Simpsons, Futurama) will decide to do another toon.

Television will continue to kick ass creatively on cable, other than reality trash. The broadcast nets need some hits. CBS will still be the crowned king with comedies and dramas. ABC will have a bumpy ride still. NBC will see some growth. FOX will get a spring into summer boost. Reality garbage will go on like a fart that lingers and leaves impressions.

The iWatch will be a rarity…an Apple flop.

The President’s State of the Union will be a tough one. I’m not sure how anyone can make anything at the moment seem even remotely decent. I’m a positive person and not usually negative, but it is what it is.

Dr. Dre will most likely release fresh stuff, possibly Detox. Beats Music service will become a big deal.

The Olympics will be more newsworthy because of stories surrounding everything other than sports, the athletes and events.

Radio (tough love…) will continue to do some things right and many things wrong. The issues can be fixed, but it has to happen at the top. Will they figure out how to handle money properly or will people continue to get slashed like a slaughter yearly and at many companies? They like to talk success, but that smells like failure.

Hercules will make The Rock an even bigger star, if that’s possible.

Miley Cyrus will twerk her ass over and pose for Playboy.

Geraldo will go interview Charles Manson in prison again.

Lindsay Lohan will get a tv series.

Matt Drudge will return to radio and tv and maybe do a podcast.

Metallica will be h e a v y…like big time.

Ed Norton will get a role in Star Wars.

WWE will realize that they should have JR for their WWE Network and he’ll be back in a role for it.

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