News, Sports & Showbiz Happenings 2014

News, Sports & Showbiz Calendar…2014.

I put this together for you.

It’s not everything, but a nice assortment of stuff.

January: TV’s Midseason Replacements begin, Beats Music service is set to launch, TV Pilot season gets moving, Music Release dates for the year, Movie Release dates for the year, UFC has many events planned for the year and possibly the return of WWE star Brock Lesnar, Jim Ross is set to begin a podcast this year, Videos Games in 2014, Books in 2014, TV Shows On DVD in 2014, DVDs due in 2014, is expected to debut sometime, Garth Brooks Las Vegas.

January 1st: Happy New Year!
VH1’s anniversary.
AllMusic Guide anniversary.
AllMovie Guide anniversary.

January 2nd: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld returns.

January 3rd: Weekly World News anniversary.

January 8th: Peoples Choice Awards.
Elvis Presley’s birthday.

January 9th: iTunes anniversary.
Apple TV anniversary.

January 10th: The Sopranos anniversary.

January 12th: Golden Globes.
Howard Stern’s birthday.

January 16th-26th: Sundance.

January 17th: Muhammad Ali’s birthday.

January 18th: Season premiere of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show.

January 19th: Frank Caliendo’s birthday.

January 20th: Breaking Bad anniversary.

January 26th: The Grammy Awards hosted by L.L. Cool J.

January 27th: CBS anniversary.

January 28th: The President’s State of the Union.
The Capones debuts on Reelz channel.

January 29th: Oprah’s birthday.

January 30th: Phil Collins birthday.

January 31st: Family Guy anniversary.

February is the podcast anniversary.The first time the word podcast and podcasting was used was in a UK paper, The Guardian, in the month of February 2004.

February is also the month for PodcastOne’s anniversary.

February is the Tumblr anniversary.

February 2nd: NFL Super Bowl.
It’s also Groundhog Day.

February 3rd: The Punisher’s anniversary.

February 4th: Facebook’s anniversary.

February 6th: Axl Rose’s birthday.

February 7th-23rd: Olympics.

February 13th: World Radio Day.

February 14th: It’s not only Valentine’s Day, but YouTube’s anniversary.

February 16th: Entertainment Weekly’s anniversary.

February 17th: Presidents Day.

February 21st: Kelsey Grammer’s birthday.

February 23rd: Daytona 500.

February 24th: Seth Meyers debuts as host of the Late Night.

February 25th: Ric Flair’s birthday.

Sometime around February or March, WWE Network is rumored to launch.

March 1st: Captain America’s anniversary.

March 2nd: The Academy Awards hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

March 3rd: Cracked anniversary.

March 7th-16th: SXSW … both the music & movie portions.
Bob & Tom’s anniversary.

March 8th: Beavis & Butthead’s anniversary.

March 9th: Daylight Saving Time begins.

March 12th: Hulu’s anniversary.

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day.

March 19th: Bruce Willis birthday.

March 22nd: Netflix anniversary.

March 23rd: National Party Day.

March 27th: Mariah Carey’s birthday.

March 28th: Lady Gaga’s birthday.

March 29th: MLB anniversary.

March 30th: MLB’s Opening Night.

March 31st: MLB’s Opening Day.

April is when the NBA Playoffs begin.

April 1st: April Fools Day.
Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel anniversary.
Comedy Central’s anniversary.

April 2nd: iHeartRadio’s anniversary.

April 3rd: TV Guide’s anniversary.

April 6th: WWE WrestleMania.

April 9th: Parks and Recreation anniversary.

April 10th: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Among those being inducted: KISS, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates and others.

The Masters happens April 10th-13th.

April 11th-20th: Coachella.

April 13th: MTV’s Movie Awards.

April 15th: NCAA Final Four.
Samantha Fox’s birthday.

April 16th: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin.

April 16th-27th: Tribeca.

April 18th: Superman’s anniversary.

April 19th: ABC’s anniversary.
Record Store Day.

April 20th: Easter.

April 23rd: Administrative Professionals Day.

April 25th: Al Pacino’s birthday.

April 29th: Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday.
TV Land’s anniversary.

April 30th: NBC’s anniversary.

May is when 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland is expected to hit on FOX.

May is the month which could be the next Floyd Mayweather boxing match. Also, a rumored Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao meeting.

May 1st: Batman’s anniversary.

May 2nd: The Rock’s birthday.

May 3rd:’s anniversary.
Free Comic Book Day.
Kentucky Derby.

May 4th: Star Wars Day…May the 4th Be With You.
Amazon anniversary.

May 6th: Bob Seger’s birthday.

May 11th: Mother’s Day.

May 17th: Armed Forces Day.
SiriusXM’s anniversary.

March 21st: Duck Dynasty anniversary.

May 23rd: Drew Carey’s birthday.

May 25th: Indy 500.

May 26th: Memorial Day.

June 1st: E!’s anniversary.
CNN’s anniversary.
Amazing Radio’s anniversary.’s anniversary.
The Soup’s anniversary.

June 5th: The beginning of the NBA Finals.

June 6th: NBA anniversary.

June 7th: Prince’s birthday.

June 9th: Johnny Depp’s birthday.

June 12th-15th: Bonnaroo.
World Cup begins.

June 13th: Tim Allen’s birthday.

June 14th: Flag Day.

June 15th: Father’s Day.

June 29th: iPhone anniversary.

July 1st: VH1 Classic’s anniversary.
GossipCop’s anniversary.

July 4th: Independence Day.

July 5th: Seinfeld anniversary.

July 6th: Sly Stallone’s birthday.

July 9th: Tom Hanks birthday.

July 15th: Twitter’s anniversary.

July 20th: Bill Cosby’s birthday.

July 26th: Sandra Bullock’s birthday.

July 30th: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday.

August is when the Primetime Emmys are expected. They moved it from September.

August 1st: MTV’s anniversary.
MAD Magazine anniversary.
Spiderman anniversary.

August 2nd: Z100’s anniversary.

August 3rd: KIIS anniversary.

August 4th: MySpace’s anniversary.

August 6th: The smokin’ hot & sexy Marisa Miller’s birthday.

August 11th: Hulk Hogan’s birthday.
Ren & Stimpy’s anniversary.

August 13th: South Park anniversary.

August 16th: Madonna’s birthday.
Sports Illustrated’s anniversary.

August 19th: It’s MY birthday. Please celebrate accordingly ;)!

August 20th: Robert Plant’s birthday.
NFL anniversary.

August 24th: MTV’s Video Music Awards.

August 29th: Michael Jackson’s birthday.

September brings a lot of Fall TV, Fall Music, Fall Movies etc.

September is the expected launch month for Apple’s iPhone 6. Apple’s iWatch is rumored to hit in October.

September 1st: Labor Day.
Television anniversary.

September 3rd: Sons of Anarchy anniversary.

September 4th: Beyonce’s birthday.

September 7th: ESPN’s anniversary.

September 11th: Patriot Day.

September 13th: Everybody Loves Raymond anniversary.

September 15th: USA Today’s anniversary.

September 16th: Frasier anniversary.

September 17th: Home Improvement anniversary.

September 18th: iTunes Radio (Apple Radio) anniversary.

September 19th: Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Boardwalk Empire anniversary.

September 20th: The Cosby Show anniversary.

September 21st: MetalSludge anniversary.

September 22nd: National Family Day.

September 23rd: Bruce Springsteen’s birthday.
NCIS anniversary.

September 25th: Will Smith’s birthday.

October is rumored to bring Apple’s iWatch.

October 1st: Cartoon Network anniversary.
Animal Planet’s anniversary.

October 2nd: CD Day.

October 3rd: DVD Day.

October 6th: Instagram’s anniversary.

October 7th: Spotify’s anniversary.

October 9th: FOX’s anniversary.

October 10th: David Lee Roth’s birthday.

October 13th: Sammy Hagar’s birthday.

October 16th: National Boss’ Day.

October 17th: Eminem’s birthday.

October 20th: Tom Petty’s birthday.

October 22nd: Tentative date for the start of MLB’s World Series.

October 27th: Matt Drudge’s birthday.

October 28th: Julia Roberts birthday.

October 31st: Halloween.
The Walking Dead anniversary.

November is the Buzzfeed anniversary.

November 2nd: Daylight Saving Time ends.

November 3rd: Roseanne’s birthday.

November 4th: Election Day.

November 6th: 24 anniversary.

November 8th: TMZ’s anniversary.
HBO’s anniversary.

November 9th: The President and many world leaders gather for the G20 Summit.

November 11th: Veterans Day.

November 15th: That Metal Show’s anniversary.

November 20th: Joel McHale’s birthday.

November 21st: World Television Day.

November 26th: NHL anniversary.

November 27th: Thanksgiving.

November 30th: Billy Idol’s birthday.

December is the HitFix anniversary.

December 1st: Bravo’s anniversary.

December 2nd: Britney Spears birthday.

December 3rd: Ozzy’s birthday.
National Enquirer’s anniversary.

December 16th: Hanukkah.

December 17th: The Simpsons anniversary.
(Note: Although, The Simpsons appeared on Tracey Ullman prior)

December 18th: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s birthday.

December 20th: TVTattle’s anniversary.

December 21st: Ray Romano’s birthday
Kiefer Sutherland’s birthday.

December 24th: Radio anniversary.

December 25th: Christmas.

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