I am weird about many things. I admit it. I’m a nerd, geek, dork. I’m just me. Real. I speak my mind. Expressing myself is important. I like when people just say what they think.

I like new and old…music, movies, tv. Both, new and old. There’s good and bad in everything and both new things and old things are both good and bad, depending on the subject or topic.

If you’ve read my take on various music, tv and movies, you know like I like a lot of stuff…most genres and fresh stuff and classics. A lot of the really vintage stuff is way before my time, but I think it matters probably more than a lot of other things.

It’s like this…many new homes LOOK nice, but they’re usually not built well and have issues quicker. The older stuff in everything…houses, cars, music, movies etc. has a better impact. It leaves an impression that sticks through history, where quite a bit of the new stuff (not all), goes as quick as it comes and many times is forgotten. Disposable baby. 

Technology is fantastic! The one thing which is impressive and makes an impact is many of the inventive ideas in the tech world. You know what they are. I dig Apple products. I enjoy all the fresh gadgets. Those matter.

The entertainment itself….the art that is music and movies…hmmm…the technology part is smooth on that as well, but the entertainment quality lacks with many.

I’m so into nostalgia. I think in many cases, it’s appreciation and with certain people, respect.

I dig vintage items. It’s been a thing for a while. Classic houses, cars, radios, televisions, video games. Building a complete shrine. Becoming a collector somewhat.

In the case of the classic radios and tvs, I just think of them almost as art. It doesn’t matter whether they work or not.


I dig vintage cameras. Even more modern classics too, like the Polaroid camera. Those things were fun when I was a kid.

Here’s a Polaroid camera I found packed away:


It’s become a hobby: Vintage anything.

Nostalgia. It takes you to many places.


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