The People of the Year

Hey, everybody does this kind of thing, so I will too.

According to me:

This isn’t in any particular order.

My Parents: My Dad passed away this year and he was a great man. Family was most important to him. He left an impression on many people who cared about him. He is missed. My Mom, just for her strength and handling herself alright. They got together at 18. Pop was 79. That’s a long life together. It shows what love is.

My Kids: For being the greatest kids. They’ve had a fantastic and award winning year at school, so far. I love them so much.

Howard Stern: The King of All Media still is #1 at what he does. I always listen to him on the radio and will watch him on tv once in a while via AGT.

MTV’s Original VJ’s…Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood and the late JJ Jackson too: One of my favorite books of the year was the VJ book, where they all discuss those early years of MTV when MTV was still great. They hold nothing back. Revealing stuff. I’ve read it more than once.

Bryan Cranston: Iconic work on Breaking Bad. Badass.

The President: I may not like everything he does or doesn’t do. I’m not a party kind of guy…Democrat or Republican. I feel like anybody who is in that seat has to be cool…level headed. I just have respect for the job itself. Talk about being under pressure. If I was President, I’d tell a lot of people f.u.

Frank Caliendo: So damn funny.

Matt Drudge: Love him or hate him, he becomes the media’s showprep quite a lot. It’s a powerful spot.

The Olympics Committee: Dealing with politics and b.s. and handling security issues has to be a logistics nightmare as they prepare.

Kurt Sutter and the whole cast of Sons of Anarchy: Shakespearean in many ways. Addictive.

Malcolm Gladwell: I really enjoyed David & Goliath.

Peyton Manning: I’ve followed his career all through Tennessee and the Colts and now the Broncos. One of a kind. Greatest QB ever or damn close.

Rainn Wilson: The work of his website, Soul Pancake, is always interesting. Inspirational usually.

Lemmy Kilmister: Lemmy from Motorhead kicked my ass with Aftershock!

Jennifer Lawrence: I know most like her for all The Hunger Games stuff, but I’ll take American Hustle. F u c k.

Governor Mike Pence: He gets shit done here in Indiana.

Paul George: This is a great year for this Pacer.

Steve Buscemi: Nucky on Boardwalk Empire. Another one I never miss.

Stephen King: Doctor Sleep is one of my favorite novels of the year.

Andrew Luck: Yeah, I’m a Colts guy, but Mr. Luck has been impressive many times.

Arctic Monkeys: AM is an outstanding release.

Chuck Klosterman: I Wear The Black Hat. Funny. Well researched. It made me think and laugh a lot.

Margot Robbie: Just for being extremely talented and sexy beyond belief.

Martin Scorsese: I always get something from all of his films. He is one of my favorite Directors ever. Details baby details. Intricate filmmaking at it’s finest.

And ALWAYS…the men and women of the U.S. military, the decent cops in the land, firefighters, emergency personnel, medical personnel, all people that go out of their way to help others and those that keep it real.

Peace and Love. 


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