Life Can Be Anything You Want


Hey there, it’s me. 2014 is here.

I hope the year gives you what you want and most of all, what you need. I know this much…attitude is everything and that helps me through a lot.

One of my mottos is: Anything Is Possible. It really is. Not everything works, but trying could lead to many things.

January is Get Organized Month, so cleaning the house and car is ahead for me. I’m usually doing that often anyway, so it’s nothing different.

Family time. It’s always important to me. I’ve had some nice moments with family lately. I’ve also had some chats with several friends. I need to give time to friends more often.

Today and tonight, along with the house and car cleaning, I’m going to work on some of my art. I’ve been doing some popart related stuff. Interesting and weird.

I like my football. I’ll probably be sure to catch some of that.

I may watch some of the tv marathons or listen to some radio I dig. I might listen to some music, read a book, watch a movie.

Take a deep breath… Just try to enjoy the ride.

Facebook: David Eppley

Twitter: @DavidAlanEppley

Tumblr: ZackSkyler (Yeah, it’s me, but with my previous name that I used on the air)


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