The Entertainment Media Complex

I’ve always enjoyed discussing entertainment and pop culture related things for as long as I can remember. I’m just a fan and talking about it is almost as much fun for me as it is watching it or listening to it.

Somewhere along the way, entertainment news became something completely different and it’s not something that I like. I’m not able to pinpoint exactly when it took a cheap turn, like a druggie wanting a quick fix.

I want to be clear: Celebrity gossip has been around forever, but it was always a smart part of entertainment news or a thing off all by itself. Now, it’s become this big thing where celebrity gossip has become entertainment news. It is NOT. I do realize there’s a huge part of the population that loves it and thinks that the celeb gossip is the entertainment news. They are different things. Entertainment media has made it become the entertainment news. Now, I ask why? Well, people have been conditioned to believe it is. Plus, a portion of the audience wants to know about people who are only famous for being famous, rich family, drug addicts, alcoholics, sex maniacs, who is getting together/breaking up, who’s fucking who etc. Personally, I don’t give a shit about any of this. I know some do and there is a place for it.

I think a lot of this celeb gossip driven culture has sadly surpassed just discussing the people and their projects and the in’s & out’s of a tv series, a music or movie project. Talking about the various projects in a fun and interesting way is what I enjoy.

I remember when E! began and for many years after, their E! News was just that…news. It was interesting though. They still had some gossip, but I think they covered things better then (way more music and movie coverage) and hit all areas and a wide range of people. It was never just shuffling stories about ten people, half of which are a part of your network. I do understand you have to give people what they want, so if it is the same celeb gossip over & over again, well, who am I to say anything. I think it’s more exciting to do something that could be challenging with a greater reward, rather than going for the quick pop like a whore. It really is night & day.

This is such a gimme gimme gimme….now now now society with ZERO attention span. It’s like flies in a light. It’s all about the shock, surprise, scandal, any controversy. This is a part of it, but this shit has become damn near all of it.

Everything in media has become this. The whole landscape has shifted. Change is great. I like it, BUT, while it is fine to expand an area of media attention, it should never take away from the important areas. If you can’t expand the one area without taking from the important one, don’t do it. This stuff happens in news and sports too. A lot actually.

I talked recently about how GMA and the Today Show used to be 80-20 with news over entertainment. I would say since GMA has been doing really well, both GMA and the Today Show have amped up the fluff. It’s almost flipped, where the light, fluffy, lifestyle, showbiz stuff has overtaken the news and the hard news is barely there. CBS is doing the smart thing with This Morning and they’re even promoting the NEWS aspect. Smart for them. They zig. GMA and Today zag. The showbiz stuff is fun and you have to have it, but the celeb culture is growing everywhere.

I like my entertainment led by the product itself and discussing the people and the projects in movies, music and television…NOT by the celeb gossip talk machine. There is a difference.


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