Here, There and Everywhere

Be sure to check out all my postings here on my Random Thoughts.

I talk a lot about life. Entertainment and pop culture: plenty of tv, music, movies, radio, books etc. I give my takes on news & sports. I like longreads and interesting reading material. I’m just an info. junkie.

I’m also on various social media. Let’s be friends, follow each other etc.


I use Facebook once in a while and have been on & off of it a few times over the years. I was on it in it’s infancy (within weeks of it’s debut) and liked it a lot then, but that was a LONG time ago. I look at it kinda like the way most look at MySpace. I’m still there though and would like you to join me on Facebook.


I like Tumblr a lot and I use it for mostly great pics…various kinds, but mainly entertainment and pop culture related, plus once in a while I’ll have some audio, video and interesting stories posted. It’s via my former name, Zack Skyler. Zack is David. David is Zack.


I use Twitter more than anything else. It’s #1! A ton of tv, radio, music & movie stuff. It’s my favorite social media network.


A lot of great pics of entertainment/pop culture through history, plus a few other interests via my Pinterest page.


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