Oh The Headlines


I did that headline from the Brits. I love The Sun and give it a glance fairly often.

I’ve always liked newspapers and appreciate great reporting. It’s one reason I like the London tabloids so much. They more than just a fun, catchy headline. They have balls. Usually WAY bigger than the Americans. They go for the real deal…whatever it is. Whereas, here in America, everything goes through so many filters with agendas.

I prefer ruthless, gritty bulldogs going for truth in a story…any story.

I like someone who can craft a story like art. Find the hero or the villain and tell stories. Everybody has one. Big or small. We all have something to say.

I do enjoy American newspapers though. Different kinds. I still love the tabloid papers though…NY Post and NY Daily News mainly. Again, fantastic headlines and usually great reporting.

I also enjoy the standards: New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. Especially, the entertainment pages of the NY Times and the LA Times. Quality.

USA Today is one I look through every day and/or night. I have the app. I’ve enjoyed Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy for years.

I’ll always love newspapers, regardless of their form. Much like radio or television, the item itself may change, but the subject is the same. The mode of transportation or transmission may be different, but the name is the same. So, whether eventually it’s all digital…it’s still the newspaper. Television will always will television and radio will always be radio, whether it comes through a tv set or an actual radio or a computer or a tablet or a phone etc. It’s the same with newspapers.

You’ll always be able to read all about it in some way, shape or form.


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