Life Is A Colorful Adventure Story

Hey you! Are you having a nice 2014 so far? Mine is pretty smooth.

The weather seems (somewhat) better here. Hallelujah!

Six Word Stories is fun.

Sometimes the most colorful things can be very dark: language, attitude, personality, actions etc.

Guy found and killed Bigfoot and he’s hitting the road for show & tell.
Just to think getting a buck was a big deal. That’s nothing compared to a damn sasquatch!

I’m looking forward to another relaunch of The Punisher.

WWE Network could be really interesting, especially with all the classic WWE footage. This WWE Network will let the public have access to EVERY WWE, WCW & ECW PPV in history, plus all the shows. New stuff. Old stuff. All. Plus all the AWA, NWA/Jim Crockett, World Class, UWF etc.

Instapaper is a real gem of an app. I use it a lot. You can save stories you find and go back and see them anytime.

Treat yourself to something you like.


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