Cornucopia of Beauty, Brains and Bizarre

Greetings. I hope you enjoy every day and night doing what you want.


Kate Upton looks hot via V.


It’s the tv anniversary of The Sopranos. It’s my favorite tv series of all time, period.


Great radio: The Independent FM. If you dig indie rock kind of stuff…new and old. You can get it via iHeart Radio, TuneIn etc. It’s one of my favorite radio things. This and  Xfm in London are #1!

Looking forward to HBO’s True Detective this weekend.

Study says that if you marry a David you’ll have a great marriage. I’m a David and I’d say it’s not accurate (or complete bullshit lol ). Married and divorced twice and never will there ever be a third. EVER. The other name mentioned is Katie. I know some Katies and I’d say, fuck…just forget it. 😉

Aren’t we all glad we’re not Chris Christie? Why can’t politicians for once just say…I FUCKED UP. They (and everyone) always want to pass the buck. Pussies. Try being someone honest who looks like a shit. It’s way better than being a chicken shit. Go without feathers. The heat wears off. The bullshit never does. People never learn.

Hoping for a huge Colts victory over the Patriots this weekend. Tom Brady and his uggs better get ready. Hoping it’s the good Andrew Luck and not the wtf is that bad Andrew Luck.

Attracting beautiful birds to your yard…So, I’ve had bird feeders for a while and used normal seed and attracted many birds, BUT, recently upgraded with a better bird seed and here’s the key to get the really nice birds like those nice red cardinals, blue jays, yellow finches etc….One word: Nuts. These beautiful birds like nuts…peanuts. Try it. 

The new Pixies record is freakin’ fantastic.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a film to see. Oh and as I’ve said a few times…American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street are both excellent.


Superman vs. Batman. Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. 2015. I’m mixed on this, but maybe it will be great. Nobody will truly know for sure until then.

For fun, weird, odd, strange, bizarre stores:

Golden Globes air this weekend. I’m not much of a fan of award shows, however, this one is usually entertaining because they’re all drinking at their tables. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny, so that’s another plus.

Farting in public. I’ve noticed lately an abundance of public farters. People don’t even hide it anymore. They just let it rip as loud as they can. Heck, some sound like they completely shit themselves. Someone dropped a three part fart…ya know…ones that are like horns going off. This jackass was looking at pudding of all things when he did it. I was completely amazed and horrified and quickly got the hell out.

I love you. Really.


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