Robert Gates, ARod, Pacers, Golden Globe Shakers

Hey there…

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is everywhere promoting his book called Duty. A lot of talk about him being critical of the President. I think it’s fine to be critical, but I’m always skeptical of anyone in the military industrial complex. However, I have great respect for the American men and women who serve our country. My issues are never with them, but with others and interests that can be self serving.

ARod. This has been an evolving story for quite a while. Now, ARod is suspended for thd 2014 Yankees season, due to substances to enhance. First, I’m not for or against ARod. I have a few thoughts about this. Sometimes I think certain guys get targeted and hammered over things like this and people pile on. Why? Hmmm. Let’s be clear…various kinds of roids, growth hormone etc are used by many in sports…all sports. I think a lot of people are naive to think that it’s somehow a rare thing. Either go after ALL or none. My main problem is when people lie about their use. Just tell the truth. The Lance Armstrong approach of bullshitting is not the way.

I’m still aching over the Colts losing to the Patriots. I’m proud of the winning season the Colts had. I think Andrew Luck has a great career ahead and will be even better going into his third season. Now, I’m rooting for Peyton and the Broncos.


I’m a huge Pacers fan and have been since I was around 6 or so. Anyway, I think Paul George is one of the top players in the NBA, period.

The TCAs have been happening this week. This is where all the tv nets talk about what’s ahead in front of a lot of tv critics and advertisers. There’s several interesting things that are coming, including Better Call Saul, Turn, Moonbeam, Outlander etc. Keep updated with all the details via The Futon Critic, TVTango, USA Today’s Life, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and HitFix.

JR’s PodcastOne podcast is set to debut mid February.

HBO’s True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson debuts tonight.


The Grammys are coming January 26th, the Oscars on March 2nd and the Oscar nominations are announced this Thursday. The Golden Globes air tonight with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Shakira returns Monday with Rihanna.

Hugo Weaving may be a part of Star Wars, which would be incredible.

John Newman and Celeste Buckingham are both talented artists. I think things could be huge for them this year. John has had great success in his native UK and Celeste is such a gifted songwriter from Nashville. I like them both a lot. has named The Cure’s Disintregation the best 80’s album. I dig The Cure and I like this album. I’m not sure I’d say it’s the best 80’s album, but certainly in the 80’s modern rock/pop alternative genre. The Cure was never afraid to be themselves in a moody, reserved, dark kind of way. I have great appreciation for The Cure.

Have a nice one, preferably with all that you crave.

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