As you may or may not know, depending on if you’ve read some of my various posts over time. I get excited by discovering various talent…mostly artists in music, but some in acting going into movies etc. I think I may actually do a regular Discovery post to share people I’ve found and want to share with you. I like a lot of stuff, so it will be covering a lot of genres.

BB London is one I’m very into. R&B, soul, funk. It’s the melding of old school and new.

Highchair Kings are an excellent alt/pop/rock band from the land that gave us some great stuff over the years and my former home, Minneapolis.

John Michael is one heck of a talent. If the stars line up, this guy will be a star. An amazing singer, songwriter.

September Sky is based out of Indianapolis here in my home state. They’re a great hard rock outfit.

Palaye Royale is an art rock band. The ladies dig ’em.

Echocell is a gal with some talent.

Shotty is an explosive pop/rock band from Seattle now in Los Angeles.

Team is a band that has some great things happening including opening for Imagine Dragons on some dates.

Club America is a synth pop/indie rock act.

3 Pill Morning is a rock band that is going places.

The Glory Fires is some great alt leaning rock & roll. They just signed with Seattle’s SubPop, where a lot of acts got their first big break. Example…Nirvana’s Bleach was via SubPop and then they went to Geffen and did Nevermind. I dig the Glory Fires.

Chloe Moretz has been doing some nice work in Hollywood, but this year will be even better for her on the big screen.

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