Love, Pets, Spiderman & The Moon

Hey you.


There will be a full moon tonight and this particular moon is called a Wolf Moon.


Happy Birthday to the beautiful Barbie Blank! The former Kelly Kelly.

Love is a drug.

The people behind MTV’s Jersey Show now have Party Down South, which hits CMT this week. It’ll probably be garbage with huge ratings. Hot people (or mostly hot) being fools works usually. I laugh when I see this stuff sometimes, but then I think wtf am I doing?!?

I forgot to mention the Dress Up Your Pet thing this week. It’s now over, but I hope your dog or cat or bird enjoyed it. Mine stayed free, although Belle enjoys sunglasses.

Metacritic has their 2014 tv, music & movie previews.

A friend asked me how to get into the home & car buying & selling world? My response: Dedication…like anything else. Passion. Passion is key in everything.

TV worthwhile: History Channel’s Decoded with Brad Meltzer. If you like to think and enjoy interesting stories…this is it. It airs often.


A fresh Spiderman digital series is available.

Assumptions fuck you in the end, not the person you make assumptions about.

Radio worthwhile: 107.7 The End in Seattle.

Dating Profiles: Making a tree, flower or rock as your profile pic is not the way, unless you want to date a snake, bird, bugs or dirt. Try again, Sunshine.

Great conversation between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rowdy Roddy Piper via PodcastOne.

I kick ass at ping pong.

TV Pilot info. and all things tv via TheFutonCritic.

Planning on listening to a ton of music, inc. quite a bit of new stuff and a lot of old stuff and then may be watching a movie later.

One step at time.


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