Some News, Sports, Showbiz & Life Mindcrumbs

Busy day consisting of a lot of work related things.

The Pope has a Harley! Really.

I’m on Facebook here. I’m not a Facebook annoying ass, I promise.

The season premiere of FX’s Archer rocked as always. Today is the tv anniversary of Archer. You can get away with so much more if you’re a cartoon.

You can tell what a person is about by how they handle truth about themselves.

My night has been the Governor’s State of the State. Indiana isn’t quite as messed up as some, thankfully, but this state still has some problems. Also, the Pacers! Always great to enjoy a Pacers game.

Happy Birthday to Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Love the Foo’s. Dave likes a lot of different stuff, which I can appreciate. Also, L.L. Cool J. is blowing out candles. I dig old school Around The Way Girl. THAT is the shit.

I’m on Twitter here. Hey, get this…the sexy Jennifer Vaughn, funny guy Gabriel Iglesias, Public Enemy legend Chuck D are a few who follow me. You should too. Do I need to lick a crack or two?

Sexy is many things.

Television : Watch these tv series on the tv nets. I’ve seen the tv pilots of all of these and they’re decent. ABC: Mixology. NBC: Believe and Crisis. Get details via TheFutonCritic.

Wouldn’t the Illuminati all seeing eye be much better if it was Colin Hay’s lazy eye that wanders from side to side? Let that set in. A bit cool and scary at the same time. Ghosts appear and fade away….

Weird Al should do a podcast.

I just started reading this fantastic book called Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh. It’s worthwhile.

Radio: Listen to The Independent FM via iHeartRadio or TuneIn. It may be on Stitcher too, but it can be wonky. I like Stitcher, but it has issues sometimes.

I’m not into the Lego trend. Everything’s a damn Lego. I liked ’em when I was a kid, but enough. With all due respect, F the Lego’s.

Kroll Show returns tonight. Comedy Central. Funny.

So, I have a Tumblr here and it’s many things, but mostly fun, pop culture pics both old & new etc.

Scorpions! I saw them in 1985 on the Monsters of Rock tour and a few times after. Excellent band. Their unplugged is out this week, plus VH1 Classic. \m/

I had quesadilla burgers tonight. Do yourself a favor…make those. If you want the recipe, let me know. They’ll be a hit with your people. Food Porn.

I like being a Leo, but the things that make us strong are sometimes the things that destroy us. I know this much, I always mean well.

I enjoy the Johnny Cash stuff from the vault coming.

Sex theory: I believe that winter sex is a lot of cuddling, warm, gentle yet hot romance and summer sex is straight up ass slappin’, hair pullin’ fuckin.’ I’m not picky, but come on summer!!!!

Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange. It might work.

The Iron Sheik is going to pen an advice column for Maxim. Expect insane ravings and rantings. Perfect. Entertaining for sure.

Have fun!

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