Poking and Prodding

The President’s nose almost poked me in the eye. Comparing Paul Revere to the TSA is bullshit. It’s not even close to the same thing.

Quite a lot of tv info. this werk, due to the TCA’s. ABC’s upcoming Resurrection has quite a buzz.

Interesting radio situation this week and it involves people I know. I like all of the parties involved, so I’m not taking sides, but am going to express a few things. A morning show was busted for taking quite a bit of material (show prep ideas) from a major market show. The big show called the small show and scolded in a polite way. Much of the problem is that it was the personal life/relationship stories of those on this particular show. I am mixed on this whole thing for several reasons… People in entertainment “steal” ideas. It happens a lot. Right or wrong, it goes on. Whether it’s radio, tv or anything else. There’s not a lot of originality in many places. Everyone should always try to do their own thing, but that’s easier said than done. I would leave the personal stuff alone and not take that from others. Do your own or make up your own. I’ve seen some of the aftermath of this via social media and quite a few local radio people are piling on and kicking these people. I just think…f you people…those in radio KNOW this crap happens. The local folks here in media are just crapping on them just because they enjoy it. That is sad. I don’t blame the big show for calling out the small show. I think the major problem is this: once you lose credibility with your audience, it’s hard to win them over and get them back. They’ll always wonder, is this real or fake? Most of the audience probably doesn’t know the story. Some do probably, most do not. It’s just a huge life lesson for those who do this for a living. The audience is #1. Most of the junk on radio, ESPECIALLY Top 40/Hot AC radio is fake and not real. I kinda laugh when people get irritated by things like this because most (not all, but MANY) of the War of the Roses around the country use actors and many share the same story etc. It’s mostly garbage. Reality tv is mostly fake, but people eat it up like it’s real. I say fuck all the fake shit. Just be real 110% of the time…warts & all. It’s always better if it’s just as real and as ugly as it gets. Genuine…everything…just be you…ALWAYS. And hey, if we’re gonna start calling people out…I’m calling ALL of you out. 🙂

Go Pacers!

Ready for a great football weekend. My picks: 49er’s and Broncos.

This Leo will always be in control of me. Nobody else. Ever.


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