President, SuperBowl, Olympics

Hey there… I’m happy and things are smooth. My days & nights have been quite nuts, but productive. Portions of this post will be me in a venting mode, but I’ll be smiling through all of it. I mean well.

The President’s State of the Union is this week. I’m not sure how anyone could make anything at this moment even seem remotely decent.

SuperBowl is this Sunday. Broncos vs. Seahawks. My pick: Broncos.
Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers are halftime show. A lot of music & movie related stuff too…a bunch of movie trailers, including the latest Transformers and U2 will debut some music.

Olympics are on the way and those opening ceremony U.S. uniforms are the ugliest fucking things ever. Hope our American guys ad gals get a lot of gold. I’ll be watching the hockey.

WWE has a chance to take Daniel Bryan and let him become the star that he is. It’s organic. They can’t hold him back anymore and if they continue to do to him what they’ve been doing, then they are dropping a massive crap on their beloved WWE Universe. Epic goes both ways. Will they do what’s needed? YES! or No. I have my doubts because they are stubborn fucks. If you’re not on the gas and 6’5″, you’re a cunt in their eyes. Idiots. Do you hear me, pal???

The Grammys were ok, not great. I’m glad Lorde won. Nice to see Metallica. I want ANGRY Metallica on their upcoming album. Like….And Justice For All pissed. Can we make that happen? So, I was on Twitter and the amount of people who don’t know certain performers in history…example: Carole King…is a shit storm of ignorance. When I was a young kid, I knew and respected a lot of people WAY before my time. Get a clue. There’s more to life than Katy fucking Perry. It reminded me of the time years ago when Avril Lavigne called David Bowie, David BOW (like bow down) wie. I laughed and thought…how the fuck do you not know David Bowie?? Especially, being a singer…sure, you’re young, but really??? She got angry and exploded at someone like how would I know? Give me a fucking break. How about this…learn all genres, go back and watch and listen. Everybody should do that. The Oscars are next. Hoping for some hotness from Margot Robbie and Leo does deserve his first Oscar for the Wolf of Wall Street.

Starz Black Sails was somewhere in the middle. It could have been excellent, but it was not. I will give it some time. Until then, I’m going to ARRRRRRRRBY’s.

Peace, love and curly fries.


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