My mind goes to many places. The weirdest things pop into my head. Everything from food to mags, stores to shows, games to porn stars. Just wondering if you remember any of this stuff:

Marathon candy bars

Simon the game

Max Headroom

Chess King


Burger Chef


Mr. Yuck stickers from the drug store

Rock magazine (It was excellent, but didn’t stick around)


Traci Lords

Columbia House

The first time you went to a live WWE event (Mine was during the early days of the WWF expansion and the main event was Junkyard Dog against Terry Funk. As a kid, I thought it was kick ass)


Prodigy, Compuserve & AOL when it was a major thing

The first time you saw the President’s State of the Union
(The first one I remember was Reagan. Seen ’em all since)

Choose Your Own Adventure

When Drudge Report started out as a message board and regular emails prior to the website (I used to get those emails)

Friday Night Videos


The first Super Bowl you saw (I believe it must have been one with the Steelers because I remember Terry Bradshaw playing)

Godfather’s Pizza

The first time you saw the Olympics (I think Bart Connor was a part of the first one I remember seeing)

When Guns N’ Roses destroyed the Headbangers Ball set on MTV

Star Hits

How great Wayne Gretzky played

Metal Edge

Musicland (I think we even had a Movieland too)

Mr. Bulky’s

The first time you saw UFC (I saw it early on, many years ago and remember Ken Shamrock was a part of it)

Picture Pages

The very first podcast you ever heard (The first podcast I ever heard was a LONG time ago before anybody did them and it was from Adam Curry and he still does one now)


Duff’s buffet and they had a giant freakin’ bear

Hit Parader

The very first email you sent (I think mine was to a friend and it went something like, did you get this fucking thing?)


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