Super Bowl


This weekend, it’s the Super Bowl. My team was, is and forever will be the Colts, but I will always be a Peyton Manning fan. He is top notch, first class. So, I hope the Broncos beat the Seahawks.

Now, I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about the best and worst Super Bowl halftime entertainment over the years. I thought I’d give my take on Super Bowl halftime shows through history. This year could be great and although I’m not a huge fan of Bruno Mars, I do believe he is talented and can actually sing, which isn’t the case for most pop singers. Now, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are excellent. I just hope they all do Higher Ground. I’ve liked them from the VERY beginning. Most people jumped on the Chili Pepper train with Under The Bridge and then everything after. I was there from day one.

Now, my random thoughts on various Super Bowl halftime shows.

Agree or disagree…

The Great:

Prince was by FAR the best one imo. Hell, it even rained during Purple Rain. Awesome!

Tom Petty is great live, period. I’ve seen him many times. I thought he brought some great stuff to the show. I know some get tired of classic rock artists doing these things often, but I’d dig seeing Bob Seger and maybe Kid Rock do something.

U2 is just this enormous entity of wow.

Michael Jackson. The King of Pop put on a great show.

Paul McCartney. Enough said.

Bruce Springsteen knows how to entertain and has passion.

The Good:

Beyonce. I know some would put her at the very top, but I’d put her here. Talented though and she has a huge fan base. If she pooped, people would pop for it.

Madonna. Some loved her performance. Some hated it. I thought it was decent. I would have picked different songs.

The Rolling Stones. I enjoy the old farts. They do whatever they want and I like that.

The Bad:

Janet Jackson. First, I’m a Janet fan, but the titty thing on national tv FUCKED radio and tv people from that point on with rules, regulations, delays and stuff. Janet wanted to be cool and cutting edge, but she pissed a lot of people off, including the people who play her songs. I’m all about art and expression, but it made management people insane and they made hosts nationwide irritated. Not a smart move. I love boobs, but that was a giant snafu. I’m not sure Janet has EVER fully recovered from that. The hits kinda faded from that point…never to the point where she once was.

The Who. I love The Who. I love their songs. It just wasn’t happening for them on this occasion.

If I could pick future Super Bowl halftime show performers…here’s a few:



Robert Plant (and maybe Jimmy Page with him…any Led Zep thing. Have Jason Bonham play in his Pop’s spot)

Eminem (Maybe Dr. Dre too)

Guns N’ Roses (If they could get along, all the ORIGINAL members)


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