24, Howard Stern, ThisIsMyJam.com and YouTube

The weather can kiss my ass. 🙂

Do you ever think nobody really gets me? I think that a lot.

The President’s State of the Union has made his poll #’s sink even more. The President speaks with Bill O’Reilly prior to the Superbowl on FOX.

There’s a bird that damn near raps at PetCo. I want it! Word.

I love being single, but I hate being single.

Neil Rogers. Legend. The late, great Neil Rogers is all over YouTube. Funny, honest and ruled Florida for years. Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out Neil Rogers. He will evoke emotion for sure. Innovator not an imitator.

The Beatles Tribute on CBS was well done. Fab!

Inside.com is now live.

Super Bowl. Should be a great one! I do believe the Broncos will defeat the Seahawks. Halftime show with Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers could be fun. Joe Buck however is annoying as shit…always.

I’ve been enjoying the Howard Stern birthday bash stream via SiriusXM. Excellent stuff!

Will CM Punk go the MMA route? UFC, Bellator, Strike Force? Yes, no, maybe?!? I’m not sure. I think he just needs to give himself a break, which he seems to be doing. I doubt it’s all some elaborate work, yet think in time, he’ll probably return to WWE. Oh and when he does he needs to drop another pipebomb promo.

24 fans…FOX is teasing 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland during the Superbowl. Debuts in May. Also, during the Superbowl: Fresh music from U2 called Invisible and several major movie trailers, including the latest Transformers.

The Doors live airs often on VH1 Classic. I dig it.

Is there a rule now where Miley Cyrus always sticks her tongue out? Just wondering.

Olympics. I seriously can’t wait for the hockey. USA!!!

I’m looking forward to the animated Star Wars: Rebels, which will debut on Disney XD in a few months.

I get so much entertainment via YouTube. I find some gems, both old and new. Great discoveries all the time. Sometime soon, I will share a few with you.

A Leo is always ten steps ahead.

Greatest insult I heard someone use on someone this week: They’re running their dick licker. (I pissed myself)

Great band, Superfood! They’re my latest pick via This Is My Jam. Here’s my ThisIsMyJam.com page.


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