President & Super Bowl: Good, Bad & Ugly

Good: Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Excellent halftime show! Bruno Mars took himself to another level. Probably THE talented pop singer over anyone else in pop at the moment. I’m a rock guy at heart, but Bruno Mars showed he is a star and deserved that spot. I was impressed and enjoyed the James Brown moves, plus being a drummer, I liked the beginning. Chili Peppers are always great. I like Give It Away, but would have really liked Higher Ground.

Quite a bit of great music, tv & movie related stuff, including FOX’s 24, music stuff like U2’s Invisible, movie stuff trailers from several including Transformers: Age of Extinction w/Mark Wahlberg.

Bad: The President’s interview was the same politics…divide. Bill O’Reilly didn’t do well. He plays politics too. Screw the right/left paradigm. Terrible.

Ugly: The Super Bowl game itself. WTF happened?!? As I stated elsewhere, it’s as though the Broncos had some fun with hookers courtesy of the Seahawks and were tired and not focused. This scenario has happened before between teams playing Super Bowls. Anyway, regardless, I had hopes for a great game.


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