Some have asked in various venues for more info. about me. If you really dig into this blog & go way back, you’ll get to know me. Anyway, I’ll throw a few things out.


42. I’ll be 43 on August 19th. Leo.

Born in Muncie, Indiana. Raised in Indiana. Lived mostly in Huntington. Spent the 90’s living in Fort Wayne. A lot of my youth was in Huntington, Marion, Wabash.

Married & divorced twice. Excellent kids from my second marriage. Highly unlikely for a third marriage, but I’m not against a commitment. My kids rock!


News & Sports junkie.

Family Guy. Family is important.

Realist. The truth isn’t something people always like. Zero agenda. Just the facts. I cut through bullshit.

Huge music & movie fan. Many genres. Not stuck in a tunnel. I like a lot.

Fun. I can be the life of a party, but I pick my spots. As I get older, fun for me is a walk through nature or really great sex….that never changes.

I talk about tv quite a bit, however, I don’t watch much, unless I need to. I do have my favorites: SOA, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead. The tv world and how it operates intrigues me.

I have a passion for radio, but listen to a rare few on a consistent basis: Xfm London, KROQ, The Independent FM.

Honest. Probably too honest. It doesn’t always make you liked, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’m not brutally honest, but I speak with honesty. People that sit on a fence only get a sore ass. Have an opinion.

I love pets. I like dogs more than cats, but both are fine.

Thinker. Deep. Real deep.

I love coffee.

I enjoy technology…all of it. I’m not a sheep to it, but I like it.

I say my thing on politics, but not into the right/left game. You can’t label me anything, but someone that cares about people. Politics is a huge corrupt rodeo full of clowns…way more than people think.

I’ve always done radio as a career since I was 14, with a stretch of tv in Indy (taping on weekends) in the 90’s, while doing radio in Fort Wayne. I also helped put together a rather popular show prep service called Guest Exchange with my pal Jeff. I did the celeb guest portion. A couple of places I’ve worked: Both Hot AC’s…Mix 105.1 Orlando and KS95 Minneapolis. Zack Skyler was always my name during that whole run. The name change came early on when a David Eppley was working at a station I was working at and that is when I became Zack. I used Zack Skyler from the time I was 18-Summer of 2012. I ditched all my Zack Skyler social media and just wanted to use my real name and have since. The only Zack thing I use is my Tumblr. As I always say, Zack is David and vice versa. Oh and although I love radio and tv, I enjoy doing the things I’m doing now.

Avid reader.

Spiritual in my own way.

I dig antique radio and tv things.

I love real people and hate fake, phony people.


I like art. All kinds. I draw, paint and write.

I like big cities, but enjoy small towns too. I’ve been in both worlds. Visited, worked and lived. They both have positives and negatives. One thing I love about the country is the peace, because you can take time in a quiet setting to really think things through. When it’s all noise, you become too busy to really think. Those in the noise would disagree, but that’s expected.

I get misunderstood a lot. I usually just accept it. Most of the misunderstandings are based upon assumptions, which people do all the time. The biggest thing working against someone is usually their own mind.

Firm believer in everything old is new again in some way, shape or form.

Life is what you make it.


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