President, NBA, MLB, NFL and Steampunk

Hoping the President and Putin can fix the issues. It seems like war drums are beating. The whole thing seems odd on many levels. There’s a lot of layers to things. Sifting through the bs isn’t easy.

I am a fruit and veggies addict.

TV… I am most looking forward to in the future: 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland, final seasons of SOA and Boardwalk Empire, upcoming season of Mad Men, Kurt Sutter’s The Bastard Executioner and Better Call Saul.

I’ve been enjoying a lot of the NBA games lately. As always, I support my Pacers.

Great tv info. all the time via TheFutonCritic and TVTattle.

Although some of it is drivel, I do like some stuff from Longreads and Longform often.

Spring… I want you. I’m wanting to get the garden going.

Radio… When I’m in a greatest hits mood…nobody does it better than CBS-FM and K-Earth 101.

AJ Lee is hot. I’d lick her like a dog would his bowl.

Great radio info. and a nice way to see how excellent and at times how rotten radio is via AllAccess and RadioInfo.

MLB. Glad baseball is near.

Great piece on Steampunk via HitFix.

NFL. I am ready for this more than anything. Hurry up! I know we have to wait a while. Hoping the Colts work on everything to take it to another level.

Mick Foley should have a podcast.

I think music and movies would both be so much better if the executives that make decisions weren’t so scared. Take a sledgehammer to some shit. Experiment.

Excited for March Madness.



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