House, Pills, Car, Journalism and Pets

My weekend has consisted of cleaning both the house and car, which I try to do often and just organizing stuff too.

TRadioV is fun.

CM Punk returns to Raw this week. His hometown is gonna go nuts!

Study: 4 in 10 pet owners kiss their pets on the mouth. I think that’s disgusting. Think of what they’ve had in their mouths??? Their own privates, poop, insects, other animals, puke that they puked and ate again etc. Yummy!!!!!!

Journalism needs more seekers of truth. Dig. Find out things. Investigate. It seems like journalism has become lazy, where many reporters just accept what drops in their lap or will take anything a talking head tells them as FACT. According to the heads, it’s fact, but is it really? Journalism needs heart, great minds and big balls and usually it’s only one of the three. Most importantly…you can’t have an agenda for any side or any one person or party or platform…period…no matter who it is. You can have opinions, but is shouldn’t determine your work. The goal should always be to tell the story…the whole story and it should always be the truth.

Fark rules.

Story: There’s going to be a pill for people to live longer. Really? F the pills. People are so into their pills for everything.

TV Network Debuts:
NBC has Believe starring Johnny Sequoyah March 10th and Crisis starring Dermot Mulroney March 16th. ABC debuts Resurrection starring Omar Epps March 9th. CBS has the sexy Brooklyn Decker starring in Friends With Better Lives on March 31st. FOX’s Surviving Jack with Christopher Meloni debuts March 27th.

Music. Movies. More. SXSW…It’s almost time.

I know sometimes boxing is a “work,” much like pro wrestling, although presented as legit. Many times it is legit…the boxing that is. I must say though, I’m disturbed by the story I read this week that maybe some of the Ali fights were rigged. That sucks, if the story is legit.

I’ve been reading Tom Clancy’s books again. I dig ’em.

Radio: Indie Pop Rocks on soma fm via TuneIn. Great indie tunes.

Cracked celebrates an anniversary this week!

Trust yourself.


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