Getting It Done


It’s been quite a wild, crazy, insane busy time. I’m getting a lot done.

Multitasking my thing…Personally and professionally.

Very happy about many things, including the job I’m currently very excited about, which I’m in the very early stages of for myself. It’s a different world for me, but it could be a nice thing for everyone. I like helping people and this defines that.

I wish I could be specific with the main thing, but I can’t at the moment. I’ve had a few friends ask if it’s radio or tv related…it is not. I’m on another path, by my choice. I’ll always have a special passion for that world, but… I’m only going to do what I want. I’ve talked with several for over a year that were interested and reached out to me about doing something, but those things just didn’t work for me…for various reasons. Maybe sometime eventually, but doubtful. I’ve had fun through the good and bad. It was a nice 20+ years doing it.

I hope you had a great week. Enjoy your weekend! I’ll post a few things, thoughts etc. soon.


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