Happy Birthday World Wide Web

The World Wide Web.

It’s become quite a thing over the years. I’ve got a great appreciation for it. Much like anything, I’ve gone though periods where I’ve loved certain things about it and at times, hated things about it.

The first email. I think I wrote someone and said, did you get this f-ing thing? It was weird, yet very interesting.

From the early days of Prodigy, Compuserve and AOL, where you’d get those AOL discs more often than just about anything else in the mail.

Those early days and nights looking at message boards. It’s where I first saw Matt Drudge, pre-Drudge Report.

Podcasts are very popular now, but I believe the first WAY back was from Adam Curry.

The first time I ever heard about YouTube was through a group of radio and tv pals. I thought YouTube was the greatest thing ever and still do in many ways. When I saw it, I thought…this is a gamechanger. I think YouTube made things like Hulu and Netflix take a few chances and try things. I like calculated risks. You win some and you lose some. I like when people try.

Social media when it was a baby. There were a few very early and then MySpace hit and became a thing and then Facebook and my personal favorite, Twitter.

The web experience has made it to where you can do many things with it. It’s a great tool for various avenues.

Some become superstars. Most of us are contributing observers of our lives and others. Sharing opinions. Evoking emotion. Interacting. A platform for the people.

Enjoy yourself on the information superhighway.


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