Being Positive Over Negative

Life is an adventure that brings many people in and out of our lives. Sometimes it’s by our own doing and sometimes by others.

People think, say and do a lot.

People make assumptions.

Whatever you do…own your shit, whatever it is, be honest and if others still have these issues or make assumptions, it’s on them, not you.

Being positive is so important in the cesspool of negativity.

I’m a realist on damn near everything in my life. It doesn’t make you many friends in the fake, phony world many dwell in. There are those that appreciate facts from a friendly soul. A few. Some.

I care about my family and my friends and anyone in my life. The ones that don’t stick around are the ones who roll around in assumptions and enjoy making things from nothing. I’m not one to pick fights with. I win. You lose every time.

Be a champion for yourself, not your own worst enemy. People should bring out the best in themselves by going with what it IS, NOT with what you THINK it is. Sadly, many let their minds travel down roads and they pick up thoughts along the way. The very things people worry about in relationships becomes that very thing out of what THEY do, not prior…when all is/was well. Oh, the mind. It does some things to some people.

Treat people well. There will be times when you can’t because you can only take so much. That food is served both ways.

Being positive beats negativity anytime. But, it doesn’t mean taking shit from those that never seem to figure it out.

Peace to you.


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