The President, March Madness, Phil Jackson and Nut

So, what’s going to happen with the President and Putin? I just hope it’s not war, because if it becomes that…this will be a big one. Like  WWIII big.

Happy Anniversary to Soul Pancake.

If Phil Jackson can’t help the NY Knicks, nobody can.

I’m ready for March Madness. I’ve got my bracket, but not complete just yet.

Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight officially relaunches this week.

I’m getting any taxes done this week or as I usually call it the Great American IRS slaughter.

I talk Spring TV, Music and Movies via my Soundcloud. I also tell a George Lopez story from my time working in Orlando.

I know someone with the name Nut. It’s not a nickname, but his actual name. His girlfriend’s name is Honey. Absolutely ridiculous and the truth. Great people with some interesting hobbies.


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