Spring, Twitter, Happiness and Nuggets

Happy First Day of Spring!

It’s Twitter’s Birthday! Twitter is my favorite among all the social media. For info. alone, if you follow the correct people, it beats everything. Follow me, I’ll follow back…Twitter.

It’s the International Day of Happiness, which is something we should strive for all the time: just be happy. That doesn’t mean just accept everything, but sharing happiness helps.

Personality radio. It’s the #1 thing that is important for radio. Not “wacky shtick” or fake/phony radio banter, but real radio. Evoke emotion. Have some balls. It obviously helps if management had a piece of nut, but that lacks usually. Some of the greatest ever…the late Neil Rogers (all over YouTube), Howard Stern, Steve Dahl (get his podcast), Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez (Sirius XM) and a few others. The thing radio does is overthink every single thing with research and data.

Howard Stern may do another book.

I like a few things on tv at the moment: Resurrection, Believe and Crisis.

Kurt Sutter wants Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) for the final season of SOA.


January Jones…a tasty treat.

Everything begins with an idea.


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