Life Lessons

Just a few things that I’ve learned through life:

The good far outweighs the bad, regardless of how it seems in the moment.

Keep it real. F the fakery.

Have fun.

Be honest.

Family is so important.

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy life.

My attitude towards you depends upon you.

Treat people well, unless they’re assholes…that food is served both ways.

Acquaintances are plenty. Friends are a few. Enemies are immense.
Friends run hot and cold. The life filter tosses out the ones who aren’t worth it.

Always have great sex and a lot of it. Fuck ’em into oblivion.

If people rip on you to your face, either tell them the wonderful duo of fuck you or just knock their ass out. They’re all pussies anyway.

Laugh often.

People make so many assumptions and this really is irritating. They make their mind up based on the bullshit that swirls in their head. Some believe everything they THINK, see, hear, read etc. even when it may not be accurate. Rumors and trash talk. Over the years, there’s been so much said about me and it’s mostly insane. People enjoy taking a shortcut to thinking….really thinking.

Age gets everyone in some way, shape or form eventually. This never bothers anyone until some begin to think you’re ancient. Oh, you just wait.

Men fall for a woman and never want her to change. Women fall for a man and want to change him in some ways. The man never changes and the woman does. Fuck! Truth. I thought of this one year’s ago.

The world has become this wussified politically correct landscape of what the fuck.

Life becomes death eventually…Make every moment count.

People love garbage. Zero taste in most things. Popularity and making money doesn’t mean it’s quality. It’s successful, but doesn’t make it great. McDonald’s is quite popular and makes a ton of cash. I wouldn’t say it’s great food. This goes for music, tv, movies etc.

If you stick your tongue out a lot, put it to some use.

People never know how to handle someone who is truly honest and extremely open about everything. It messes with them.

Trust one person…yourself.

Until people get away from the right/left game of politics, it will ALWAYS be more of the same. The same people, the same players, the same shit. When it comes to all that, you can’t stick me with a conservative or liberal tag or any other because that is part of the problem. People spend too much time blaming certain people or parties…both sides and it’s a WAY bigger, wider and deeper problem. People are sheep.

Keep things fresh in everything. Out with the old. In with the new.

Adventure is key.

Help people when you can.

Some people are fucks…both dumb and evil.

Misunderstandings are the root of people problems.

It really IS the Twilight Zone.

Depending on Plan A may work for a while, but you better have a Plan B and even Plan C.

You’re never alone.

Do it YOUR way…always.

Never get married. A committed relationship is nice, but the rest is bull. It works for a few, but not many. Trouble period.

Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow is near. It always repeats, so do anything you can to become the person you want and take yourself to places that will give you growth.

Enjoy yourself.


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