A Few Things

A few things I’m looking forward to.
Some are close and some are far away.


The tv nets announce their fall tv schedules over the next week and we’ll find out what’s in, out and ahead during tv upfronts. Vulture has a great section devoted to tv upfronts with some very interesting pieces.


Star Wars! I dig the pic which recently came out. J.J. Abrams and company, including: Harrison Ford (speaking with J.J.), Mark Hamill (chatting with Anthony Daniels/C3PO), Carrie Fisher etc. I hope these films will be everything we hope.


Jack White’s Lazaretto. I like everything he does…solo, White Stripes, Dead Weather, Raconteurs…all of it.

Bryan Cranston’s Tightrope is coming to Crackle, where classic detective shows get a fresh twist.

FOX’s Utopia, which could be excellent or a disaster. I’m not much of a reality show fan, but it could one I might try.


The final seasons of both Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy. Both are my favorites, along with 24, which has returned. Both Boardwalk and Sons return in September. After SOA wraps, Kurt Sutter will dig into his next tv series, The Basterd Executioner. Then, it could be (sometime) a SOA prequel…The First 9.

Some of my radio habits recently (and most of the time): The Fringe in Austin, Xfm London, Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, The Independent FM, Ron & Fez and Alice in Denver once in a while. Oh, and Tom Leykis on TuneIn is always kick ass.

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