Books Coming Soon

I love a great book. I’ve got several on my Kindle Fire, but I like flipping through pages of an actual book once in a while. I’m all about everything fresh, shiny and new, but I have a great appreciation for old school. The main reason? I like to touch it, feel it. There is way more of a bond or a connection to something you can physically feel…whether it’s a book, music…record, tape or CD, movie…DVD etc. I love all the tech and things digital, but it’s almost the equivalent of a hot, sexy woman standing naked in front of you saying she wants to fuck you, but not now. Kinda like texting instead of talking or actually rarely speaking in person to someone. It’s all very much a completely socially active world, which is so important to most people, but not socially active enough to do things other than in a techie way. I love it all (really, I do) and I hate it. 🙂

Now…a couple of books coming soon that I can’t wait for:


Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat is due May 19th.


Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is due June 3rd.

Get details via Amazon.


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