Radio Ramblings


Radio I’ve been enjoying recently and for various reasons.

Sometimes it’s just great personality radio, which is always #1 to me. When I say personality radio…I mean real, honest, fun, entertaining. The other things are excellent tunes. There are those that do both. It all depends.

Howard Stern on SiriusXM.

Xfm London.

Ron & Fez on SiriusXM.

Opie & Anthony on SiriusXM.

Bob and Tom.

Scott Shannon on WCBS.

Rick Dees via

Gary Bryan on KEarth.

BJ & Jamie on Alice 105.9.

Stuck & Gunner Podcast.

Tom Leykis via TuneIn.

Eddie Trunk.


JB & Sandy and the whole station overall, The Fringe in Austin.

Once in a while Elvis Duran and Z100, Ryan Seacrest and KIIS, Cubby and KTU.


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