Say What?!?

I’ve always been someone who can be extremely open and quite public about my life (as I have been over the years when I did radio and my stint in the 90’s doing tv in Indy on weekends along with the radio through the week) and sometimes I can be very private. It all depends on my mood. With social media, I always share stuff, but things about my private life are only on occasion.

Here’s something to help you get to know me better.

David Eppley. When I did media work until fall 2012, I used the name Zack Skyler. So, a couple of names, same me. It’s a name I made up, due to the fact that a host at one of my first stations had my first and last name….and was a relative. I never knew him until then. Weird, but cool. I was a fan of Sky Walker, a NYC and Los Angeles radio personality and I liked Star Wars, plus, at the time…late 80’s…not many Zack’s around.

Born and raised
Muncie, Indiana. Grew up in Huntington, Indiana. Spent a lot of time in Marion and Wabash growing up.

Learning the ways
I was a fan of radio and television from the time I was a kid. I had a radio studio in my bedroom and had a tv studio too with cameras and backdrops and lightning. When I say studios, as a kid then, they were studios. My high school had a radio and tv program and I’d go there when I was in elementary school. I took summer classes. I got my first paid radio job at 14, while in middle school. I worked four different stations…some at the same time, before I got out of high school. That was the early radio and tv bug. I still have it somewhat, but I like just being a fan. I took marketing classes, which has helped me over the years with music and movie marketing, which I have done off & on, while doing various jobs. I multitask a lot. Before I moved to Orlando, I managed a couple of bands. Between Orlando and Minneapolis, I did more managing. The Radio and TV thing was happening all through this period. I helped with the marketing through various labels, studios and firms. I booked a lot of celebs years ago and developed friendships with people at every level of showbiz. I hustle and I care…a lot. Along with media work, over the years I’ve done retail, factories, bought and sold homes and cars…buy, fix ’em up, sell…financial services, art and a few other things. Most of it while doing media work at the same time. Any job…any time…I do whatever I can.

42. 43 on August 19th. 110% Leo.

Single, Married, Divorced, WTF
Single now. I’ve been married and divorced twice. Both great ladies.

My kids rock! Emily, Andrew and Alicia. Proud of them. They accomplish so much on a regular basis. I love them. My world.

Anything outdoors
Playing the drums
Music (All genres, but a rock guy at heart)
Movies (All genres)
Radio (Xfm London is a favorite)
Podcasts (There’s so many great ones)
TV (Mainly SOA, Boardwalk Empire and 24: Live Another Day)
Books (I’m an avid reader)
Hot, Lusty Women with Hot Lips
Classic Houses and Cars
Harley’s (Huge fan)
Superhero/Villain stuff (I’m a geek)
History (History buff all the way…deep, far and wide…It gets dark)
Animation and Cartoons
Vintage Hollywood
Baking (Sometimes)
News and Sports Junkie
Animals (I love pets! All animals)


People: My Kids. All my family. My folks. I miss Pop.

Places: To visit: NYC, Los Angeles, Austin, Las Vegas and the Bahamas. I love all of Indiana, it’s home to me. I like Florida. Chicago is fun. Detroit too. In both of those cases, you just need to go to the right spots. Indianapolis is a great place and continues to grow. Fort Wayne is doing fun things.

Things: Coffee pot with a lot of coffee.

Music: Now: Band of Skulls. All Time: The Beatles, The Doors, The Kinks, The Stones, Van Halen, AC/DC, GNR, Nirvana.

Movies: Now: Captain America. All Time: Goodfellas, The Godfather trilogy, Star Wars, Scarface. Anything with: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Johnny Depp. Some hit, some miss.

My Sexiest Woman Alive: #1: Angelina Jolie. Hottest lips ever. I’d lick her ass.

Books: High Concept by Charles Fleming.

Television: Now: SOA, Boardwalk Empire and 24: Live Another Day. All Time: The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Murder One, Raymond, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Frasier, All In The Family, The Shield.

Radio: Now: Xfm London, Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez, BJ & Jamie on Alice In Denver, The Fringe in Austin and Tom Leykis on TuneIn. All Time: Neil Rogers, Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Kevin Matthews, Jonathan Brandmeier, the classic Power Pig in Tampa.

Websites:, and

Where I am on social media


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