Happy Birthday, Drew Carey


Happy Birthday to Drew Carey.

Funny everyman.

I saw Drew a LONG time ago. He did standup at Snickerz Comedy Bar in Fort Wayne. This was well before he got the ABC sitcom. I thought he had something then.

Drew was on the recent DWTS season, but I couldn’t care less about it. I just don’t care about the show itself.

The Drew things I do watch, listen and read include:

The classic Drew Carey Show.

I enjoy the Price Is Right once in a while, dvr’d due to that thing called work.

I enjoyed the Whose Line stuff.

Drew’s Green Screen show was fun.

SiriusXM’s Underground Garage has a show which Drew hosts. I like everything about that channel. Very special.

Once in a while, Drew will write for Reason magazine, which is a thinking person’s mag. Independent thought.

Drew’s Twitter.

If you want to hear a GREAT Drew Carey conversation, be sure to check out Penn Jillette’s podcast, Penn’s Sunday School. Drew was on one of those episodes and it was fascinating. By the way, Penn’s podcast should be a regular podcast for everyone.


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