TV, Radio, Music and Movie File, plus Books

Memorial Day weekend TV Marathons.

Being a history buff, I’ll probably give a look at History’s The World Wars this weekend.


Neil Patrick Harris has a book coming, basically his autobiography with a Choose Your Own Adventure twist. It’s one of The Week’s must read books in 2014.

E! ranks fall tv ahead.

All things tv… and (not to be confused with the legendary am, yet same Tribune family) could be getting interesting: Johnny B. has been there a while and now Garry Meier is moving there from the AM and the buzz of a Kevin Matthews addition to the lineup…Kevin Matthews is the one of THE greatest personalities ever). Kevin has been a part of Steve Dahl’s podcast network. Funny shit. I loved all these guys on The Loop years ago. I like the AM stuff too, in particular, Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder  and they have great chemistry, plus Nick Digilio, a WGN vet, who caters to pop culture folks like me.

The Wrap’s Ultimate Summer TV Guide.

What tv will look like in 2025.

All things music…

All things movies…

Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee returns June 19th.

Naomi Pilgrim…an upcoming artist I like.
Naomi’s soundcloud.

Morgan Freeman and helium.


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