Life Happenings


My kids are coming to spend a month with me. Very excited!


24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland and company just gets better and better.


Nobody does a great interview like Howard Stern. Nobody!


A lot of Presidential talk for 2016. I think it will be more of the same, regardless of party. Same…always. It’ll be Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton against each other. Same. Same. Same….although they’ll make you think they are so different. I’m a huge history buff and have been reading a lot, as always, on Presidents. They had some quirks. Interesting people for sure. Smart.


Well, now that the Pacers are out in the NBA finals, I’m ready for some damn football. Hurry up, NFL season! I still like baseball and really dig my hockey, but football is always #1 to me. Go Colts!


I’ve been reading about Olympic history from the very early years. It’s really interesting when you find all the reasons for the Olympics, other than a bit of country competition.

Have an excellent week!


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