Life’s Landscape

We all go through up’s and down’s in life. I’ve always been someone who treats others as they treat me. I’m just me…friendly, until someone makes it not so friendly.

I’d rather have someone be nice and do nothing for me than someone who does several things for me and it somehow gives them a pass to be an asshole to me.

I’ve always helped people out and a few times put my life on hold in many ways, just to help certain people out, especially in my career. I pretty much walked away from a great gig when I came back to Indiana, just to help out and why? Because I was asked if I could and being unselfish, I did come back.

Many times people forget what you have done for them over time.

If you do something for someone, do it because you want to, not because you think it gives you a chance to use it against them or be in control. Be a decent person, not a dick, bitch or cunt.

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