Buzzard Glory Days


The legendary WMMS in Cleveland is one of my favorite stations ever. It’s still around and does well with personalities Rover, Alan Cox and others. A lot of talk and some rock. However, my fond memories of WMMS are during their rock and roll glory days. I was a very young kid in the 70’s when I first heard WMMS and heard them more often later in the 80’s. They made artists, many times being the first to play them in America: Bruce Springsteen, Rush, David Bowie etc.

John Gorman was the Program Director during much of the WMMS heyday.

Here’s an interview going back a few years, but very interesting with John Gorman talking about WMMS.

Here is part one.

Here is part two, which digs deep into the destruction of radio (for the most part) and it may answer many of your questions about radio in general.


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