On a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 6 at this moment.

ISIS. These new world order people are determined to f everything up. The CIA is probably planning to have their ISIS gang do more damage. It’s all the same…Problem, Reaction, Solution…all controlled by the same people. 99.9% of the population doesn’t get it, want to get it or doesn’t care about it, doesn’t believe it…because how could that stuff possibly be true…because of reactions just like that. The more outrageous, well, who the f would believe it? Exactly and that is why it happens. Plus, people believe everything they are fed. Hey, it works for them. I may discuss and enjoy pop culture and my sports and other meaningless fun things, but when it comes to news like the globalist junk, I never let anything keep my mind from knowing the real deal. I rarely mention this to anyone or even on here because they look at me like I have a dicks coming out of my forehead and a pussy for a mouth.

Emmys are coming up with Seth Myers. Does anyone really care? I’ve never been much of an awards person, although I’ll catch them sometimes. I doubt I’ll watch because SOA was not nominated yet again. It’s all corrupt. Money, power, sex, favors etc. Someone will say, hey pal…they vote. Well, let me put it this way, much like politics…we choose from what we are given and that is the key. We never pick from just anything.  EVER. In politics, they let you think you do. Nothing is what you think it is. It’s all magic. Afterall, what is a wand made of? Wood from a holly tree. Hollywood baby. Magic.

I think the President looks stressed. Wouldn’t you love to know what’s in that secret book that only the Presidents look at? Yeah, we probably would shit.

I love brownies. I had some fantastic ones for my birthday. I’m not much of a sweets person, unless it involves tits, but I ate the brownies.

Looking forward to my Colts playing the Saints this weekend.

I was really bummed when Robin Williams passed. One of the first tv shows I ever watched as a kid was Mork & Mindy. I even had a toy egg that Mork popped out of. I know, weird…nanu nanu. I read the piece that Henry Rollins wrote about suicide. Pretty heavy, but I’m all about people expressing themselves. I think the timing made peoples reactions really harsh towards Henry, but as a parent, I would never leave my kids like that, so in some ways I agree with Henry. I do NOT agree with everything he said. I’ve had some really horrible periods in my life, but that is not the way…ever. That said, I think there are those with bipolar that could be the most caring, loving people and would never want to hurt anyone, but to them, they just have to, sadly. My number one thing is this and this is hardcore: Meds are a problem. I realize some have to take them, but I would say pharma is an issue, a serious one. Many times these drugs you take to help, screw you up more. This will NEVER be made to be a major problem to look at…why? Money. Big pharma makes too much money, so they will never say that’s the issue. Anyway, here’s Henry Rollins on suicide.

MTV VMAs are this weekend. Who will get a Moon Man? Probably Beyonce. I’m not much of a fan of hers, but she has some talent, a lot of power and the money machine behind her. Props to her on the way she dropped her album and the way it was marketed…brilliant. Plus, videos for all the songs. I would love to see MTV have Band of Skulls blow the roof off with a performance, but MTV lost their balls in the late 90’s….maybe before that even. I love Foo Fighters and other MTV approved bands, BUT, other than Foo and a couple of others, what they qualify as a rock band is a joke. It’s more of an industry problem. Indie labels get it. Oh and I don’t care about Nicki Minaj and her fat ass. MTV…where is the M is not for music television, not movies, not media…but MONEY, right Teen Mom???? John Lack is somewhere mumbling those damn cocksuckers.

Eddie Trunk’s podcast on has been excellent. If you like hard rock or metal, be sure to check it out. A lot of that stuff was my youth, as I was in high school during the late 80’s and then Nirvana hit in the early 90’s and I loved that stuff too. Both very different, but I liked both.

Ferguson. That whole story sucks. Regardless of what that guy did, he shouldn’t have been killed. Shooting the gas into the people, really?!? Martial law extremities from cops or military against their own citizens never goes well. Just ask certain parts of the world. I respect cops and have all the respect for the men and women of the military. I realize they’re only doing what they’re told to do.

Take care.


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