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So, I dvr’d the MTV VMAs, so I could go through a lot of garbage to grab a few great things. A few things that I enjoyed: Sam Smith was outstanding, as usual. I’ve liked him as an artist since the beginning. Happy for Ariana Grande and she’ll be a star for a while. Miley and the homeless guy and their cause was a nice touch. Happy for Lorde, but as much as I like her, she is NOT rock, but then again that rock category is filled with stuff that I wouldn’t consider real rock. People want to call pop bands that they think are hip, rock bands, but they are NOT. Beyonce and her performance was great and expected. I wouldn’t say she’s the greatest living entertainer nor a queen, but talented, especially considering the landscape of talent anymore and what I mean by that is the talent that gets pushed. There’s A LOT of talent around. Most, not all, but most of the rest is just more disposable junk on the VMAs. It’s sweet and satisfies some for a while and then you throw it away for what you want next. Award shows can be entertaining, but since the beginning of time, they are what I like to call, fucky. It’s like if you were in a room in 1984 with Lemmy from Motorhead and George Michael from Wham and you told everyone that George was rock. WTF!?!

Get all your Emmys best & worst, winners & losers via TV Guide.

TV Pilots in the works.

TV I Like: Netflix…Bojack Horseman.

Radio I Like: WTTS Indianapolis.

Info on True Detective.


Happy Birthday, Elvis Costello!

Nick Offerman is about to blow your mind.

Happy Birthday, Tim Burton!

All things tv: TV Tattle.

All things music: Pause and Play.

All things movies: Jo Blo.

Better Call Saul with another clip.

Variety’s tv pilot scorecard.

Hollywood Reporter’s tv stories, tv pilots, tv stuff.

What’s the latest with Joe Jackson. The excellent artist, not the Jackson family head.

This kid Raury is going to be something and has inked with Columbia.

Helena is interesting and signed to Warner Bros. now.

Viv and The Revival could be going places.

Rubblebucket Carousel Ride.

Lenny Kravitz The Chamber.

Madonna happenings.

Bruce Springsteen’s happenings.

Prince and 3rd Eye Girl happenings.

Kate Bush documentary.

Happy Birthday, Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

David Byrne and Arcade Fire cover the band Suicide.

Tom Hanks upcoming projects.

London Grammar Remix LP.

Van Halen single rumored soon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger happenings.

Sly Stallone happenings.

Bruce Willis happenings.

Fresh TV On The Radio expected soon.


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