Television’s Monster Hits


An interesting thing happened in the 90’s, ABC put Home Improvement starring Tim Allen up against NBC’s Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer. Roseanne was in that ABC spot, although Roseanne fared well, the switch happened. It became a fun thing to see exactly what would happen. I think this goes with anything and everything in life: A bit of competition makes everyone better.


I enjoyed both. It was one of the great times in television because all the tv nets had some really strong shows. Many of the programs live forever via syndication.


Seinfeld starring Jerry Seinfeld was rockin’ during this period too.


CBS was doing some excellent things during this period, like launching Everybody Loves Raymond with Ray Romano in ’96.

All of this stuff is one reason I like TV Land, because they show all the classics. Plus, I like some of the new stuff mixed with the old, like Jim Gaffigan is getting a tv sitcom on TV Land.

A few stories from that period leading up to this television ratings fight between Home Improvement and Frasier:

New York Times

Los Angeles Times

A few other spots you may like:

Home Improvement



Everybody Loves Raymond


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