Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson


Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson!

A lot has been said over time about Michael Jackson. The talent was/is and forever is ingrained in pop culture. In the 80’s, I liked a lot of stuff, but like most of my life, I leaned towards rock. Yet, like much of the American and worldwide public, I bought Thriller. Thriller was like nothing else at that time. It’s almost hard to explain just how popular it was at the time. I went on and bought Bad and Dangerous too.

Even the earlier Off The Wall stuff was great. The Jackson 5 stuff from when he was a kid was poppin’ as only Motown could do then.

The period in the 80’s when the Jackson’s reunited, remember State of Shock with Mick Jagger. Unique for sure. Nice guitar riff.

History. The later stuff, like Scream with Janet. There was Blood On The Dance Floor. Plus, Invincible.

Michael Jackson named himself the King of Pop, but talking talent in the pop world, that is pretty accurate.

Heck, there was a Jackson’s cartoon.

The Michael Jackson caricature is another one by David Cowles. You can see all his work via Tumblr.


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