Bits and Pieces

Hey you!’s Most Anticipated Fall TV.’s 8 Artists To Know and a lot of great animated Minimation, including the latest one featuring the late Lou Reed.

I’ve watched some episodes of Mafia’s Greatest Hits via American Heroes Channel. I enjoyed them for the most part, but I couldn’t help but think that they probably hope that most know zero about mafia history, because in a few of those profiles on certain people, they completely ignored major parts of stories or completely changed the details for their production. I’m a detail freak, so it stood out to me.

I wish the comic strips were better.

I did some house cleaning and cursed a lot in a hushed tone.

USA Today’s Robert Bianco talks Fall TV.

I listened to WCBS and K-Earth earlier. If I ever want personality radio with the greatest hits, I’ll go there. My usuals though are KROQ for many reasons and Xfm London.

If you ever have a nice salad, try some Ken’s salad dressing. I don’t know who the hell Ken is, but that’s some outstanding salad dressing.

I’m very happy with all the veggies from the garden. Damn near perfect.

The car is cleaned out, washed and ready for action. You know, burnin’ rubber.

Ghost Asylum debuts Sept. 7th via Destination America.

I love vinyl so much and have forever. So glad there has been this growing universal love for vinyl from many over the past few years. Kids getting into it is fantastic. It is special. I love my MP3’s and all that too, but the experience differs greatly. With one, it’s like a sexy, beautiful woman that you can never be close to…a disconnect of sorts and the other, it’s like that same hot woman and she wants to fuck all night.


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