U2’s Songs of Innocence


Wow! I knew it was coming, but free is a nice surprise. U2’s Songs of Innocence hit today, as they were a part of the Apple hoopla. Get yours via iTunes.

In the early 80’s, my elementary school aged self was beginning to really love some interesting stuff…U2, R.E.M., INXS, The Alarm, The Replacements, The Clash etc.

Those early U2 albums are still their best stuff. I like the very popular Joshua Tree, but my favorites will always be Boy, October, War, The Unforgettable Fire. I enjoyed Wide Awake In America too. The stuff in the 90’s and early 2000’s was great too, but I have a fondness for the U2 growing years.

Now…and this not bullshit: This U2 album literally had me with my mouth open several times. It could be something really special for them. I hope so.

Songs of Innocence is 11 tracks. My favorites include: Track one which is The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) and The Edge had some blistering guitar riffs,  a nod to The Ramones. Every Breaking Wave has a really crisp U2 sound and if my ears are alright, I’d say it could be one that would make a Top40 hit. And what just may be my favorite cut on the album is the rockin’ Volcano, plus Cedarwood Road too. Top to bottom this whole thing is a work of art, beauty and creativity. Even some guests like the lovely Lykke Li.

Do yourself a favor…be sure to check this out.


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